Saturday, 21 January 2012

Giants Beware!

Giants Beware!
Written by Jorge Aguirre, Illustrated by Rafael RosadoFirst Second. 
(April 10th 2012) 208 pages

Giants beware, Claudette the Giant Slayer is about to begin her journey.  
Claudette starts stirring up controversy from the first pages of the book. She lives in a safe and orderly little town, but unlike her fellow citizens, Claudette is thirsty for adventure. She sets out on her journey with 2 reluctant sidekicks in tow. Her brother, an aspiring chef, would really much rather be cooking, and her friend, Marie, would rather be a princess and living in a castle. Along the way, all 3 characters make discoveries about themselves.

Claudette is a spunky little character. The text, the tone, and the captivating illustrations will speak to the middle grade reader. I’m looking for more books in this series, and I’m happy to see that the authors have plans to add to Claudette’s adventures. Here is an interview with the authors.

I love graphic novels and the middle grade readers in my class love them, too. What graphic novels are the young readers in your life reading? Add this one to your bookshelf this spring. I give this novel 5 giant footsteps.

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