Sunday, 8 January 2012


Dan Santat. Arthur A. Levine Books. (July 1 2011). 224 pages

Thank you, Dan Santat, for Sidekicks.  It was such a fun read, a graphic novel with strong comic book leanings.  Sidekicks has great comic book features including sounds in all caps - CRUNCH! CRASH! POW!  Even better, it has evil villains with maniacal laughs –HAHAHAHAHA!

I loved the amazing illustrations and all the comic aspects of this book, but the story is equally compelling. Naturally, there is the requisite conflict between good and evil, but there is also conflict within Captain Amazing’s own family. 

Our hero Captain Amazing has been undone by his weakness – a peanut allergy. While he is recuperating and auditioning for a new sidekick, his pets, Shifty, Fluffy and Roscoe , shift into action to try and develop their own superpowers. Along the way, they learn teamwork and perseverance. They learn that brains can be better than brawn, and most importantly, they learn forgiveness.

Santat’s charming drawings will appeal to a younger comic audience and will be perfect for my middle grade readers.  I am predicting that this will be a very popular read in my classroom, or should I say, “ WOW! GAH! AAAHHMAZING!"

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