Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hades: Lord of the Dead

Hades: Lord of the Dead
George O'Connor
First Second
(January 31, 2012) 80 pages

This story might be called Hades: Lord of the Dead, but surprisingly, it is really a story about the heroine Persephone. Hades steals Persephone away to the underworld to be his bride. In this re-telling, O’Connor creates a much more rounded character for Persephone than you might have met in other myths. We discover a strong Persephone, who maybe really likes being Queen of the Dead; an independent Persephone, who stands up to her mother and goes to great lengths to get away from her; and an empathetic Persephone, who tries to ease the suffering in the Underworld.

In true Greek style, it is also a tale of woe. In her despair, Demeter abandons her duties and searches endlessly for her daughter Persephone. It is through Demeter’s desolation that we have the creation of the seasons.

I think this is a great read. Greek Mythology fans will enjoy this story, and its graphic novel format will make it accessible for so many more readers. Hades: Lord of the Dead is the fourth in a series of Olympian graphic novels by George O’Connor, and now I can’t wait to go back and read the first three books.

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